Who We Are

Keltic Nations is a family owned and operated business that handcrafts and retails silver and gold jewellery.

Begun in 1996 as a t-shirt vendor at Scottish Highland Games and Celtic Festivals in Ontario, we have evolved into a sophisticated on-line retailer of fine, handcrafted Celtic jewellery. The first Keltic Nations ‘original’ was sold at the Glengarry Highland Games in August of 2000. We have since made over 2000 rings by hand, in our home workshop and shipped them worldwide. Destinations have included Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Australia, Japan, Malta, Brazil, and many more. Our base of operations is in Ottawa, Ontario but we are also a worldwide company available via the internet.

Keltic Nations specializes in and features jewellery that bear Celtic designs. Celtic art refers to a specific style of design unique to the ancient Celtic people, whose homelands today are considered to be Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and the Brittany region of France. Considering the amount of British and European immigration to North America over the last few centuries, there are many modern day Celts on this continent as well as all over the world. Indeed, Statistics Canada numbers over 8 million citizens of Welsh, Irish and Scottish ethnicity in Canada alone.


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